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Our Day Care Centre

Our Day Care Centre operates in the inner city amongst very needy families and many fatherless households. However our first priority is to provide for the children and in many cases the only nutritional meals that they receive are when they are at our centre. We also have to deal with many families who struggle to pay the school fees every month but we will not allow our children to be compromised because of this. We do have a small pool of donors for whom we are indeed grateful because it allows us to subsidise some fees.

Our Vision

We are a Christian day care centre ministering the love of our Heavenly Father where our children are made whole in Jesus.

Our Mission

The Holy Trinity Church day care centre strives through the power of the Holy Spirit to provide a warm safe environment for children to develop in a Godly
foundation on which to build their lives , a support structure for them
and their families to hold on to, a syllabus and program that brings healing
and wholeness to their lives and a reason for every child to live to the glory
of God the Father

Our Needs

We have many parents who are struggling financially and we try as far as possible to come up with a plan to assist each case on its merits. Our primary need is thus to find ‘child’ sponsors who will be prepared to fund some or all the fees for a given child for an agreed period. 

Our day care centre is currently at its maximum capacity of 52 children. We provide each child with 3 nutritional meals per day and thus our monthly grocery bill is very high. Waiting list of over 40 children, this testifies to our standing in the community and we are very guilty about being unable to expand because of space limitation.

We currently have a Project in place to create space for an additional classroom that will enable us to take 12 from the waiting list. We are very grateful to the parish of Holy Trinity for their support but their resources are also limited.

Our Goals & Objectives

  • To be the best we can be for our children
  • Focus on the ‘whole’ Child
  • Treat each child as a unique individual
  • Engage the families of every child at every level
  • Ensure that every child is cared for
  • Ensure the growth and development of every child

Our Staff Compliment

  • Community Centre Co-Ordinator
  • 2x Qualified Teachers
  • Aftercare Manager
  • Baby Room Supervisor
  • 2x Carers
  • Cook
  • Administrator

Our Facilities

  • A hall for toddlers and pre school children
  • An air condition ‘wendy house’ for our babies
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Toilet facilities for boys
  • Toilet facilities for girls

Holy Trinity Church is a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa . We are committed to loving God and living His way. We believe in connecting with people, growing together, and reaching out into our community to serve.

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Corner of Havelock and Whitlock street

Central Port Elizabeth,

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

+27 (0)41 585 2437

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