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Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church family

Our History

Holy Trinity Church in Havelock street dates back to 1854 when a group of the congregation from St Mary’s church began meeting for services in a small room in Kemp street, later moving to a church at the bottom of Military road. The church on the present site was opened for worship in 1866. This was gutted when a deranged woman set fire to it in 1897. The Gothic building with magnificent stained glass windows that stands today dates back to 1898. The church was consecrated in 1957, the centenary year. Holy Trinity Church was declared a National Monument in 1993.

Our Purpose

Holy Trinity Church strives through the power of the Holy Spirit, to bring people to Christ so that they will encounter Him, experience His love and be equipped to serve Him to the Father’s glory

Our Mission

We are a healing house of prayer for the nations, from where we are sent and where people come in and go out and find healing and wholeness in Jesus’ name.

Our Vision Banner

Our Vision Banner, was designed and created by a group of our very own parishioners. These ladies spent a long time creating the perfect banner for our vision. It hangs in prime position. As you enter the church you are met with a beautiful depiction of our vision. We believe that we are a healing house of prayer and as we have an extremely diverse congregation, we are the church for all nations. Our Vision Banner shows a broken world being healed by the Holy Spirit. We pride ourselves on being a church for the broken people, where they can come in and find healing and wholeness in Jesus.

This is the membership cycle we take all our prospective and new members on. A group of new members is linked with one of our leaders who takes them through our basic courses: Membership, Maturity, Ministry, Mission. At the end of the cycle a new member will know who we are, what we do and what is important to us.

These groups meet once a week and focus on fun, fellowship, study and prayer. Cell groups have been found, world wide, to be an extremely effective way in which individuals make good Christian friends, study the bible and fellowship with God, in a supportive enviroment.

The Alpha course is recommended to people joining Holy Trinity as well as for people preparing for marriage. This international course which has a fantastic success rate world wide, has brought many people to Christ in a supportive enviroment. It has also been instrumental in offering Christians a refresher course, as well as developing Christians for leadership.

These are courses we offer through out the year to equip our people in all facets of ministry and life. They cover a wide range of areas stretching from marriage and family life to leadership development, from bible life skills to specific ministry training. Each course will allow for self development and preparation for service for our Lord.

New Wine is a network within the Anglican church whose vision is to equip churches to see Jesus’ Kingdom grow. One of the tools of New Wine is New Wine Retreats, which gives people an opportunity to be released in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to be ministered to over a whole weekend. It is a wonderful opportunity to just come and receive and grow in the ministries of Prophesy, Healing, Worship, Deliverance and many others.

The children are our future so we invest a great deal of time and effort in insuring that our children are well catered for. We also offer facilities for mothers with younger infants.

A vibrant group of teenagers (grade 8 to 12) meet on the first and third Friday evening of the month to worship, fellowship and learn together. The setting is relaxed and friendly.

Men meet every Friday morning at 06h15 for fellowship, teaching, bible study and prayer. Men’s Breakfasts are organized once a quarter.

The women of Holy Trinity are involved in all aspects of church life and its ministries. Supporting each other in times of celebration and times of need.  When crises arise, they are quick to supply meals, assistance and most importantly, prayer.

We have set aside Thursdays as a parish day of prayer and fasting. We commit to praying for our city, our community and our parish. A group of prayer warriors meet every Thursday from 5-6 pm for our HTC Prays power hour.  This group is open to all.

We believe that our community can be transformed through a united prayer front whose prayers are directed against the evil one and his schemes to destroy our community through crime, unemployment, poverty, prostitution, drugs and moral degradation. We are committed to working with other churches to see Jesus’ Lordship and Kingdom extended over our community.

It is our belief that ministry is a shared responsibility. We teach and train in many areas of ministry. We encourage our people to participate and experiment in different areas of ministry and service. Every year on Dedication Sunday, we renew our commitment to the area of ministry and service we are involved in.

Wives who have been married for 1-15 years, get together every Sunday after our morning service to pray, fellowship and minister to each other. They also pray for their husbands, fatherhood and children. Their mission statement is To reach out to families for the purpose of healing marriages through Jesus Christ. They offer biblical counsel to young wives and aim to learn and teach biblical principles for being Godly wives.

A healing encounter weekend that takes one through a process of “inner healing” and deliverance that inspires and motivates the desires for growth and maturity into the image of Christ. The weekend also offers the opportunity to equip and train others within the Healing Ministry. We offer this course at least once a year, and cover topics such as:
Courses, Forgiveness, Generational Sin, Occult Sin, Soul Ties, Sexual sins, Rejection, And many more.

Holy Trinity Church is a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa . We are committed to loving God and living His way. We believe in connecting with people, growing together, and reaching out into our community to serve.

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